Our Story

We are a passionate group of Mountain bikers that enjoy all aspects and disciplines of the sport.

The group started a few years ago in the year 2018 at one of the local MTB events. We noticed that there was a massive contingency of older male riders, yet we knew that with all the pro riders involved in that specific event that it was the ideal opportunity to have young and upcoming riders meet huge personalities in the existing cycling scene in a very relaxed environment that was the Enduro at the time... Yet the opportunity was missed. We made it our goal to from then onwards have the youth very much involved in all our events...

It is a well-known fact that Sabie is a massive attraction for Mtb'ers and that the surrounding areas is not being utilised to its full potential... the same goes for the rest of the towns in Mpumalanga which includes Nelspruit, White River and Waterval Boven, all being prime examples.

We systematically approached the relevant landowners, and all felt that the existing Mountain biking scenes focused a lot on the competitive Cross Country and Marathon (XCO) and (XCM) side and not enough on the technical and all out having fun side. The format that attends to these issues is called Enduro...

Since the format is not well known in Mpumalanga and had a stigma of being very difficult and very technical as the format Enduro, we had to take the approach of first showing people that an Enduro is the normal trails being ridden every weekend but that the focus shifts to the trails... the fun part!!!

So we had our first Trail Awareness weekend, over a long weekend, the Friday we shuttled a Trail called Blue Cheese in Nelspruit, Saturday we Shuttled a few trails in Sabie and the Sunday we peddled the trials on MTO White River... a resounding success with plenty youth joining us on all three days...

What was astonishing was that everyone wanted to return to all the trails we rode but to bring friends and family with the next time. So, we did it again end of last year where we focused over a weekend all the riding in Sabie, and we even arranged Bell's Cycling to have a trailer with 12 Top of the range E-bikes to test on both days for anyone who was interested. An even bigger success!!!

The concept grew and people started to enjoy the riding again since the whole family was involved... the dad that usually cannot keep up in a race with his son are suddenly very competitive but still having all the fun.

We approached the local schools, and everyone signed on to have their kids attend as many of the Enduro events as skills and lessons events but still have a competitive attribute to it as an Enduro Lite version.

The Lite versions will also be open to the older persons interested in getting their feet wet in the format of Enduro. Those that enter the Lite version and are older than 18 will enter as non-competitive open class Men and Women. To enjoy the ride with their kids maybe...

Since the Enduro format has the aspect of a gentle and slow-paced climb to the top of the trail this usually creates the atmosphere of jovial and relaxed again giving the younger riders the opportunity to mingle with their heroes in a calm and fun environment.

We therefore committed to have at least 5 Enduro events every year since the year 2021.

With our Mpumalanga Enduro series we hope to grow the sport of Mountain biking in Mpumalanga and shift the focus more to having fun and including more of each family in every event and moving everyone out into the open air and enjoy nature to the fullest